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HI :) My name is Kaitlin. Gemini. 23. I have a 13 year old Jack Russell Terrier. I LOVE to cook. I study a lot of things. I dislike hate. Be accepting. Coexist. Love is love. I'm a curvy woman, and wouldn't have it any other way. "Acquaintance rape" survivor. I have Endometriosis and if you do too, I'd love to talk! I just post things I like.....or very sarcastic things that I don't like :P ASK ME STUFF IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS. I'm nice if you are, otherwise prepare to be ignored.

I think I have the most unrealistic expectations of myself, almost as though I should be held to a higher standard than other people. Like oh- other people take long to recover from being hurt by someone they care about, and that’s totally natural. It all depends on the individual and how they manage to “heal” or move forward…… But in my mind I should be over it by now…..even though in my case it’s probably only been three weeks. Silly girl. I sometimes forget what it’s like to be hurt because I have gotten “better” at being guarded and not letting people close enough to hurt me. I have convinced myself that when I get hurt it’s a good thing because it means I have taken a new risk, and even though I may have failed or have gotten a negative outcome, it has caused me to learn and grow, and realize that I have once again taken a risk. I’m glad I still take risks, but it still sucks to be hurt by people. And I’m the type to be reminded of that hurt by the tiniest things that can spark a memory of someone or something related to that pain.

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I’m choosing happiness over suffering, I know I am. I’m making space for the unknown future to fill up my life with yet-to-come surprises.

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“The prophecy said neither one can live while the other one survives. It means one of us is going to have to kill the other, in the end.” — Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix


we all ugly to somebody don’t trip

haha ohhh noooooooo. The awkward hookups may have begun. I was so not looking forward to any of that drama on this trip but I knew they would happen. I’m going to ignore them the best I can. But this one involves my bestie, so it’s unfortunately hard to ignore. It is funny to see the failed attempts though from all of the girls lusting after the one man with an Australian accent here. It is nice to know at least he went for someone a little more deep as an individual but still…..uncomf. I’m so bad at these things.